Erin Michaela  Sweeney

Erin Michaela Sweeney

Erin’s inquisitive nature, research talents, and problem-solving skills contributed to a successful twenty-year career as an editor for museums and academic journals. When she received a bad cancer diagnosis, she vowed to survive for her twelve-month-old son. During treatments, Erin tapped into mindfulness techniques she'd learned in a year-long yoga teacher training course in 2005–06 and had shared with her yoga students. She now writes, speaks, and teaches to empower those with cancer or surviving after cancer to live better through mindfulness and creativity. Erin's writing has been featured in Heal: Living Well after Cancer, the LLS national website, Yoga International, and Asana: International Yoga Journal. The media, including Prevention and Runner’s World, have quoted her as an expert on the connections of mindfulness practices, health, and good living. Sign up for her newsletter at: