Sarah Anne  Shockley

Sarah Anne Shockley

Sarah Anne Shockley is the author of The Pain Companion: everyday wisdom for living with and moving beyond chronic pain. In 2007, she contracted Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), which is a collapse of the area between the clavicles and first ribs, and has lived with debilitating nerve pain ever since. Because her condition was unresponsive to the traditional and alternative therapies she tried, she developed her own method of pain management and reduction not reliant on pharmaceuticals or medical intervention. A former University instructor, she holds an MBA in international marketing. She is an award-winning filmmaker, including the highly acclaimed documentary on disabled dance, Dancing From the Inside Out. She has been a regular columnist for Pain News Network and is a regular contributor to The Mighty, a 1.5 million–member online community for those living with chronic illness and pain. Visit her at: and thepaincompanion.