Monique & Pete  Ethelston

Monique & Pete Ethelston

Pete and Monique Ethelston are Co-founders of Red Espresso, South Africa's much loved red cappucino. Monique has a lot of experience marketing large beverage brands for South Africa and Pete was a consultant for SAP software in Asia. Monique and Pete bring their skills to the table in running Red Espresso since 2005, when they founded the company as the world's first tea espresso. It's caffeine free, loaded with antioxidants and provides a healthy alternative to coffee. Grown in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa, rooibos farmers provide a delicious red rooibos tea for Red Espresso which is then exactly ground using special equipment. The beverage is also available in various healthy flavors without sugar in Nespresso-type capsules. There are several life lessons we'll share as we hear about Pete and Monique's journey, life stories and dreams. It's all about passion, pursuing dreams and giving back to the global community.
Monique Ethelston is an experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the food and beverages industry. Skilled in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Consumer Products, Brand Architecture, Brand Equity, Consumer Research and Key Account Management. Strong sales and marketing professional with a Bachelor of Economics Honors focused in Economics and Marketing from University of Stellenbosch. Monique and Pete Ethelston are Co-founders of the world's first tea espresso, Red Espresso, South Africa's much loved red cappucino.
Pete is Co-founder and Managing Director of Red Espresso in the Cape Town area of South Africa. Along with Monique Ethelston, they have invented and patented a special grind of rooibos tea that can be used in coffee appliances making the world's first tea espresso. Naturally caffeine free and loaded with anti-oxidants this is the healthy alternative to coffee. Enjoyed as espresso, cappuccino, latte or iced tea, Red Espresso is enjoyed across the world. Pete has degrees f