Carl  David

Carl David

DrRed Note... this guest is so amazing that I have to edit an unbelievably accomplished bio. Please forgive me.
Carl David is a third descendent of a fourth-generation art dealing family. He has overcome a great struggle and thought it was so painful that he needed, “to pay it forward,” and possibly prevent any future suicide attempts.
David was just 16 when his brother Bruce (22), took his own life. The family quickly realized that even though Bruce’s battle was over, theirs had just begun.
Although David is an accomplished author in the world of art, he felt the needed to write the book, “Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide,” to help others who are suffering know that they may feel lonely, but they are not alone. By exposing the pain he went through, David may be able to help others who are personally contemplating taking their own lives, or know of someone who is.
Space does not allow me to list all of his accomplishments, but he’s a Charter Member of Sotheby’s.