Roeland van  Zeijst

Roeland van Zeijst

Roeland van Zeijst, MSc B.ICT CISSP is passionate about protecting what is dear to us, through innovation. A global speaker on cyber security strategies, he draws on many backgrounds, having experienced working in international law enforcement, mass media productions and internet connectivity. In the 1990s, Roeland founded the first direct-access internet provider in the Netherlands. His country was the first to connect to the internet outside of the USA, spawning a vast industry that is still leading today. After obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering, Roeland worked as an award-winning presenter on Dutch national radio, while simultaneously studying the field of Artificial Intelligence. He played a key part in implementing the national interactive civilian’s network Burgernet. Starting in 2015, Mr. Van Zeijst facilitated the development of INTERPOL’s Cyber Fusion Centre in Singapore. Roeland has published many articles about cyber security in English, Dutch and German.