Freddie  Wilson

Freddie Wilson

Freddie Wilson had never created a podcast before. But, when he couldn't interest more experienced podcasters, he set about on a DIY journey to create a podcast that would hopefully solve the murder that left a lasting impression from his childhood. When Freddie was a boy, growing up in Mooresville, North Carolina, he was very shaken by the murder of the father of a schoolmate. Matt Stewart, a 31-year-old devoted pediatric nurse, respected member of his church and community, father and husband, was brutally murdered in his home in the early hours of June 9th, 2009. The town seemed content to let this murder go unsolved forever, but Freddie felt he had to do right by this good man. Matt deserved better. So, Freddie created a compelling podcast that will hopefully solve this whodunit and bring the murderer to justice. Check out Unforgotten: The Unsolved Murder of Matt Stewart. You won't be able to stop listening until you've heard all the episodes.