Ronen  Seri

Ronen Seri

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Ronen moved to New York City at the young age of 20 to pursue a career in acting. A born entrepreneur, Ronen funded his passion for acting by opening a variety of well-known and successful businesses that sustained his pursuit. Most noted, in 2005, Ronen opened Blossom restaurants in Manhattan, known as the gold-standard of fine dining Vegan cuisine. He and his restaurants’ recipes were recently published by Avery Publishing and are currently one of Amazon’s Best-selling cookbooks in its category.While he spends his energy researching, exploring, and curating exciting dishes for his restaurants, Ronen joined Halstead to pursue a career in Real Estate.
In his spare time, Ronen enjoys writing, travelling, and meditation. More recently, he has gotten a great amount of joy through writing and acting, so he has been scripting a fiction novel and stage play, to be produced.