Robert  Goldsmith

Robert Goldsmith

Money May Not Buy Happiness but it can put you in a better bargaining position. Robert Goldsmith is a 35 year Financial Professional using ordinary products in extraordinary ways to help you achieve your financial dreams. A speaker, coach and best selling author, Robert has been featured on affiliates of FOX, NBC and CNN. His entertaining persona has also landed him on stages as a stand up comic, and as the host of his ground breaking money talks radio show, From Diapers to it depends the title of his upcoming book. But when it comes to your money he takes your business seriously using unique strategies, ideas & concepts unbeknownst to many advisors. Robert helps you lower your taxes, save properly for college, maximize your retirement income and obtain quality healthcare programs. And he does all this to increase your bottom line, now and in the future. To reach Robert visit financial 411.Net and or to hire him to speak, go to