Katina  Patriquin

Katina Patriquin

Katina was born and raised on a farm and comes from a hard working family with ambition and passion for what they do. She is fortunate to have come from that background and feels much of the authenticity from that area has been ingrained in her. She has realized that most people search their whole life looking for that one thing that sets their heart on fire. She found hers in photography and everything she does in this art is fueled with that passion. She loves what she does, and even though she was not born with a camera in her hands, she needed time to see life with her own eyes first. She is a wife and mother. Her family is the reason her heart beats, her soul sings, and why her house is a mess! They are her biggest accomplishments and the most challenging yet rewarding job she has ever had. Every day brings new growth and a deeper love for them and she could not imagine life without them!