Collette  Courtion

Collette Courtion

Colette Courtion has spent more than 12 years working in beauty and with medical aesthetic technologies. But it was her personal experience of becoming a mother, that lead her to start Joylux Inc., an innovative health technology company that provides home-use medical device solutions for mothers and all women experiencing pelvic floor issues. Their debut product, vSculpt, a vaginal rejuvenation device, will launch in early 2017. Prior to founding Joylux, Colette launched Calidora Skin Clinics, a leading anti-aging chain of skin clinics in the NW. Colette began her career in finance at PepsiCo before heading to Starbucks. As a marketing executive for Starbucks, she was responsible for creating and patenting the Duetto Card, named by Business Week as 2003?s Best Product of the Year, while running the largest and most successful retail store value card and loyalty program in the world, the Starbucks Card.