Paul  Linke

Paul Linke

Paul Linke is an actor, director, writer and ordained minister. He's been involved in grief support since kindergarten when his teacher asked him to explain a classmate’s death to the class. Best known for his role of Artie Grossman on the NBC TV hit series “CHiPs”, Paul has made a living as an actor for 40 years. When his first wife Francesca Draper died of breast cancer in 1986 at the age of 37, Paul found himself a widower and the sole surviving parent to their 3 children. In response to this life changing event, Paul wrote TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE ALIVE, a one man play filmed for an HBO Showcase production, nominated for a Cable Ace Award and performed in the US and Europe for 25 years. Paul has been happily remarried for over 27 years to the Beautiful and Talented Christine Healy, with whom he fathered a fourth child, Lily. A published author, Paul lives in Los Angeles where he volunteers at Our House, a Grief Support Center in West LA. He can be reached at