Dr. Issac  Horton, III

Dr. Issac Horton, III

Dr. Horton has 38 years of experience in technology, patents, international business and finance. He is currently CEO of Scientific Production Ventures LLC (SPV), a consulting and finance group. SPV is currently launching the first Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm in Research Triangle of North Carolina. After completing chemistry degrees at UNC Chapel Hill and Indiana University in Blooming IN, he began his career at the DuPont Company as a drug designer. He then held positions in manufacturing, sales and marketing, strategic planning and business development at the Rohm and Haas Company. His first company, designed, manufactured and installed more than $20 million in Light Pumps. Remote Light’s technology was featured in such places as Disney’s theme parks in Florida, California, and Japan; The New York Stock Exchange; Tiffany & Company, nineteen locations including Paris and Milan; two NFL Super Bowl halftime shows; MSNBC Studio; Shanghai Doom Entertainment Center and many more.