Letitia  Latek

Letitia Latek

Letitia J. Latek, RMT began her healing journey over a decade ago, when her son Jake was born. After receiving training in Reiki, Hawk Medicine, Sound Healing Techniques, and meditation, Letitia began to volunteer at Hope Hospice and Palliative Care of RI. She traveled to homes and offer Reiki to patients and caregivers. Letitia started teaching and guiding others on how to work with their own energy, meditation to help themselves.
It was in 2015, that Letitia created the inception for Float. Float is a wellness center located in Warwick, RI whose concept is to achieve balance in mind, body, and soul. Services provided at Float are Reiki/healing energy, meditation, massage featuring Myofascial Release Therapy, Float therapy, aura photography, and a fitness studio. Float has partnered with the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, and working with veterans. Letitia’s goal is to help herself and others become a better version of themselves.