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4/2/2019 falling-in-love-with-your-best-friend

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Do you believe friends can become lovers and have a happily ever after? Do you think once you are in the friend's zone there is no way out? Do you think that every couple is truly married to their best friend? Listen Now

3/19/2019 spring-fling-and-summer-luvin


Pillow Talk with Cheryl
As you gaze upon the budding flowers and new life sprouting on the trees that indicate Spring is here, do you ever wish you could experience that feeling of rebirth? Listen Now

3/12/2019 home-sweet-sexy-home


Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you ready for a home makeover that will unleash and define your sensual being? Are you ready to step into a new environment that ignites the passion you would love to feel every time you open your front door? Listen Now

3/5/2019 the-abcs-to-transforming-your-sex-life

The ABCs to transforming your sex life!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you ready to spark up your sex life and have your bed sizzle again with the passion but don’t know how to strike the flame? Well, this show is for you as we will explore some interesting and exciting ways to fire up your intimate relationship. Listen Now

2/26/2019 love-and-the-single-parent

Love and the single parent.

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you a single parent trying to establish a new norm? Are you starting to date but find balancing kids, work and romance a challenge? Listen Now

2/19/2019 falling-into-joy-by-letting-your-body-talk

Falling into joy by letting your body talk!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Have you ever met someone so full of joy that you wonder what drug they are on? Have you ever found yourself wishing for the day you find your inner peace and worried it will never happen? Listen Now

2/5/2019 fantasy-model-of-sex

Fantasy Model of Sex!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Do you ever lie in bed with your partner after making love and find yourself comparing what you just experienced to a romantic movie scene and feel frustrated? Listen Now

1/29/2019 love-in-90-days

Love in 90 Days!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you ready to vamp up your love life? Whether you are looking for a new relationship or ways to rekindle and ignite the flames of your present love life, this show is for you! The countdown to love starts NOW until you find LOVE IN 90 DAYS. Listen Now

1/8/2019 life-love-and-lust-2019-style

Life, Love and Lust 2019 Style!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you ready to unleash your heart, body and mind to receiving some TLC this year with complete abandonment to the universe and the life that awaits you? Listen Now

12/11/2018 how-to-date-you-mate-forever

How to Date you mate forever!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Are you ready to spice up your date nights? Do you ever stress about making your quality time with a significant other memorable? Are you ready to find out how you can date your mate forever? Listen Now

10/30/2018 dont-be-spooked-about-having-a-great-sex-life

Don't be spooked about having a great sex life!

Pillow Talk with Cheryl
Do you sometimes wish you could fire up your sex life, light a torch and step into the flame of passion with your significant other? and having your significant other ignite the flame with you? Are you afraid to have open conversations with your partner for fear of spooking them with your true sexual desires? Listen Now