Darryl  Lyons

Darryl Lyons

Darryl Lyons is an author, a personal finance expert and an ambitious entrepreneur. He knows what it means to run a business and live in the middle class. Now he’s ready to help us achieve the dream of financial freedom so we can enjoy life. Darryl’s San Antonio, Texas company PAX Financial Group is an Inc 5000 “Fastest Growing Company” and a “Best Place to Work.” His work and his passion have allowed Darryl to also give back to his community, earning him the praise of the likes of Dave Ramsey and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. Darryl also helped establish a Eurasia award called “The David Robinson Award” that recognizes an athlete in Eurasia who shows character and athletic excellence. Darryl’s latest mission is to help redefine retirement where we no longer think of retiring but rather PIVOT into the next chapter of life with purpose. This idea is rooted in thousands of one on one conversations with people about money and a relatively new study called behavioral finance.