Simon  Toy

Simon Toy

Simon is the MD of Performance Associates formed in 2001 specialising in developing Emotional Intelligence with a focus on Influence, Resilience and Optimism in times of change. Working with graduates to board level, and engaging with organisations across the globe, he has a proven ability to educate, motivate and entertain. His passion for maximising potential comes from a rather unusual sporting background (more on that on the show) and he brings energy, passion, insight and humour that act as a catalyst for positive change.The areas that Simon’s work concentrate on can be split into 4 areas: Personal Excellence and how positive psychology can help our own performance. Leadership with a focus on how leaders create an environment of high performance leading to commitment, profit and growth. Team Management and getting the very best from those around you. The Psychology of Sales helping to explain why so many of us dislike “sales” & yet spend our time trying to influence others.