Michael  O’Donnell

Michael O’Donnell

Michael O’Donnell is the National Vice President, Utilities – SAP North America. Two decades in the utilities business has taught Michael the value of blending industry and technology, message and platform, people and process. A revered strategist and industry leader who leaves a trail of great results, high regards, and immeasurable value in his wake. Michael operates and executes on the belief that big ideas come from consumer insights. With a wide range of industry experience – including leading one SAP’s first teams to specialize in a new go-to-market strategy with SAP’s Internet of Things portfolio, also known as SAP Leonardo- Michael brings a unique blend of integrity, strategic planning and leadership to the SAP Utilities team. Today, Michael’s role is to nurture and grow both the SAP Utilities practice and its supporting ecosystem; creating an environment where innovative and strategic capabilities intersect to meet the modern challenges for utilities in the digital age.”