Phyllis  Stuart

Phyllis Stuart

Producer / Director / Writer Wild DaZe is Stuart’s second feature-length, non-narrative feature created to help stem the dire African ecocide and promote biodiversity conservation. Using art, media and advocacy Stuart works to galvanize humans to help preserve non-humans and their environment. An activist and feminist, Stuart produces film, television and live events to entertain, abate speciesism and advance gender parity (and not necessarily in that order). Past conservation campaigns include:Jungle Rescue, The Tooth Fairy Project and an Elephant DaZe PSA, (which played to 1 million people across the county inside movie theaters). Her upcoming television series Wild Safe will bring Africa, Borneo and Sumatra into homes around the world. Wild Safe is a new and audacious, one-of-a-kind conservation métier, which transcends the antiquated ‘profit above-all-else’ business approach in order to benefit the planet, people and wildlife.