Dr. Christian  Kugelmeier

Dr. Christian Kugelmeier

Dr. Christian Kugelmeier is one of three founders of VORSPRUNGatwork, looks back on several high profile HR positions, several executive board engagements, entrepreneurial activities and loves to hold lectures at the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim. With VORSPRUNGatwork, he is helping organisations evolve into structures in which employees are best empowered to deliver their individual abilities for the direct benefit of the customer. These experiences create unique and agile learning- and performance environments. His fierce ambition for personal learning and growth combined with the permanent urge to benefit his surrounds and his sense for social systems make him an apt companion for corporations on their way to more agility and market dominance. He is fluently trilingual (English, French, German) and culturally impacted by extensive international experience.