Amy Lynn  Johnson

Amy Lynn Johnson

At 48 years young, Amy is a proud, five-year recovery from clear cell ovarian cancer on the Gerson Therapy. She is active and energetic, happy to share her healing journey with others. Today, even her mother (a conventional nurse) has joined her on her Gerson lifestyle, to her great benefit. "I learned so much through the Therapy," she says. "So thankful for Dr. Gerson and Charlotte [Gerson], for sharing to others. Have been speaking since 2014 about the Therapy and what I have learned then and since, and still learning on this journey ... I love the way I feel. Feels like I just came from the Spa every day. I know how to take care of my body now, and I know when my body is telling me something is off, and I know what to do about it. It is very powerful knowing how to heal your own body!"