Rogan  Morrison

Rogan Morrison

Rogan Morrison is a Senior SAP Program Manager and Enterprise Architect at the Olayan Financing Company. Rogan’s focus is to enable the business, application and technology inter-relationships to create and deliver value across the Olayan organization. With over a decade of SAP Experience in managing large enterprise programs Rogan has expanded his knowledge base to include the latest IOT technology. Rogan has also been involved as an author for two publications (Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment 2011 & The Complete Business Process Handbook, 1st Edition 2014) as a co- author on Business Process Modeling and Portfolio, Program and Project Management Alignment. During his tenure at SAP, Rogan was a Product manager with the SAP Global PMO responsible for Project Management Knowledge Management and with co- developing the SAP Project Management and the ASAP implementation methodologies.