Come  Curious

Come Curious

Reed: I’m 24, bisexual. I have a long-term boyfriend and were experimenting with an open relationship. Consider myself quite kinky (I’m a sub), confident and unafraid to try new things. I work in porn production (Brazzers!), filming when I can. @ReedAmberX
Florence: I’m 24, straight and in a relationship. I’ve always been extremely curious about sex and coming from a film background I have decided to link my two biggest passions together! Sex and the camera… and just chatting sex in general. @ForbiddenFlo
Come Curious We are two girls who share the same passion, thoughts and concerns when it comes to sex. We believe that being open and talking about sex will spread valuable knowledge and relieve some anxieties that surround sexuality. We share our experiences and opinions on sex, naked bodies and anything else that we see relevant. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable about something everyone experiences.
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