Casey  Carter

Casey Carter

Casey Carter is an erotic author, on-air personality, and fetish lifestyle expert. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to: Fetish Modeling, Dominant, Relationship Coach, Literary Contributor and genre-crossing Co-author, and Brand Ambassador for “The Thruster” (Velvet Co).
Casey has also made quite the name for herself with erotic literature. Drawing from real life experiences, she pushes a readers’ perceived boundaries with dynamic and adventurous protagonists like Kendra in Open House and The Encounter, and Beverly in Murder and Tie Me Up. These emotional series empower readers to unashamedly acknowledge their true selves and to be unafraid of life’s challenges.
As host and internet sensation for her LIVE weekly web series, “Casey@Night” (Twitter/Periscope), Casey bridges sexual taboos with everyday living, and educates and celebrates fetish-driven ways of life. She focuses on the benefits of effective communication, intimacy and sexual awareness.