Vanessa  Cuccia

Vanessa Cuccia

In 2011, when I had the idea for Chakrubs, I made a decision to really go for it in terms of making it a reality. I was 23 and it was time for me to take control over my life and my happiness (I had stayed with the boyfriend to whom I lost my virginity to for six years, never truly feeling sexually satisfied or empowered). I felt that I was now old enough to start something amazing, that I could now be taken seriously. My father is an inventor, my mother the CEO of the company that sells his invention globally. I'd had many business ideas of my own in the past, but I'd never followed through on any of them. Chakrubs, however, unfolded so naturally that I felt it was destiny. I was living in Los Angeles and hosting the creator of the web series Spirit Science, which is dedicated to teaching people about spirituality from a scientific perspective. He taught me a great deal about chakras and crystals.