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4/29/2019 amplified-think-and-grown-rich-legacy-tour

AMPlified: Think and Grown Rich Legacy Tour

Your host of Amplified with Ken Rochon, CEO and Co-Founder The Umbrella Syndicate, and co-host Andrea Adams-Miller, The RED Carpet Connection, International Publicist, and Executive Director, Keep Smiling Movement, Inc., are delighted to bring the Speak and Grow Rich Legacy Tour to you LIVE! Monday morning! Listen Now

1/25/2019 the-mental-maturity-for-larger-and-greater-increase

The Mental Maturity For Larger and Greater Increase

The James Dentley Show
We will be sitting at the home of and interviewing Mr.John Shin, Korean American Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Executive Producer of Think and Grow Rich the Legacy Movie, and Author of Think and Grow Rich for Asians. Listen Now