Jessica  Alstrom

Jessica Alstrom

Jessica Alstrom is known as the Alchemist. She teaches and mentors all over the world as a Quantum Life Coach, Medium, Spiritual Translator, Addiction/Recovery. Her teachings are used all over the world to help heal trauma and PTSD, and to awaken unlimited human potential. Jessica is the CEO of Transcendence Wellness Centers and The Quantum Revolution Tour. She is bridging spiritual development with science and ancient medicine, Jessica blends her Masters Degree in Biochemistry with Quantum Metaphysics and Science Based Spirituality to educate wellness through awareness. The Quantum Revolution Community. Jessica hosted the “Wellness through Awareness” podcast on Voice America in 2015 She has recently been featured on Spirituality Gone Wild and was the first female guest speaker on Jay Rothman’s show “Real Men Real Talk”. She is the winner of the the Soulful World Server (Soulful Award) in 2016 and was nominated for world communicator (Soulful Award) in 2017.