Radio Episodes
8/4/2020 space-the-next-generation

Space, the next generation

Today, Tomorrow’s Technologies
We have chatted how different 2020 would be on space exploration. But now 8 months later, we have begun to secure our next generation of space exploration targets. Listen Now

3/17/2020 returning-to-the-moon-and-mars

Returning to the Moon and Mars

Today, Tomorrow’s Technologies
In the last six months we have heard lots of discussions on various space topics. Today, I would like to discuss why the US is returning to the moon and then to Mars. Why is it important to return to the moon? Then push to go to Mars. Listen Now

3/5/2019 space-the-next-frontier

Space, the next frontier

Today, Tomorrow’s Technologies
How is the US getting ready for space exploration? Why is it so important to prepare now for space exploration? Listen Now