Rob  Angel

Rob Angel

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and creator of the revolutionary board game Pictionary. Starting with only 2 employees, he went on to sell 38M games in 60 countries, making Pictionary one of the bestselling independently produced board games of all time. Always looking for ways to give back, Angel shares his passion for people & business knowledge by mentoring other entrepreneurs. He believes you don’t have to have everything figured out to get started in life or in business—stop overthinking and take that first step. Angel believes in going with your instincts, getting out of your own way, removing your ego and being open minded will help make you a better leader. By taking your business (but not yourself!) seriously, the process becomes more enjoyable and ultimately produces a greater level of success. Angel’s first book, Game Changer—a firsthand account of how his natural business and marketing instincts led to the creation of a worldwide brand—will be published later this year.