Sheila  Mac

Sheila Mac

Sheila Mac is the author of “Bootstraps & Brastraps, “The Formula to go from Rock Bottom, Back into Action in Any Situation.” Sheila’s latest book is for women who have invested their life into a relationship, into their children, into a career and are now ready for a beautiful life shift. Finding themselves going through a life change and feeling a bit directionless. Her book is for women who feel like they have shown up over and over AND OVER for the people in their life and now they need someone to show up for them. Sheila shows up for them in this book and the community she has created. Sheila Mac’s passion is helping people learn the skills they need to live their authentic lives. She is an expert on moving forward: Sheila has spent her entire life growing an impressive spiritual and fiscal living from nothing. Her unique story allows her to connect with any client regardless of background in order to help them reach their full potential both personally and professionally.