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2/8/2022 starting-with-you-and-moving-forward

Starting With You and Moving Forward

C. diff. Spores and More
Power of Positive, a mindset that will take anyone from today forward. Learn how to identify with coping skills to help you and your family move forward from the paralyzing experience to stepping back into life -- the recovery phase. Listen Now

6/11/2019 positive-healthy-habits

Positive Healthy Habits

C. diff. Spores and More
Join your host Nancy C. Caralla with guest host Kevin Hersh as we discuss Positive Healthy Habits that helped you and your family during and after a C.diff. infection and all other wellness draining illnesses. Listen Now

5/7/2019 reducing-surgical-site-infection-risk

Reducing Surgical Site Infection Risk:

C. diff. Spores and More
Reducing Surgical Site Infection Risk: Intraoperative Surgical Infection Prevention and Wound Edge Contamination with guests Sue Barnes, RN, BSN, CIC, FAPIC and Jonathan Coe, President and CEO of Prescient Surgical. Listen Now