Diane "V" Capaldi

Diane "V" Capaldi, TEDx Speaker, Founder & Inspiration for PaleoBOSS Lady Inc., Miracle, Badass. My life has been all about being a BOSS. From being raised in a dysfunctional family that included an addicted mom & a war hero father who suffered from untreated PTSD chaos had always been the norm in my life. By the age of 23 in 1986 I was told I had an inoperable brain tumor & lived for almost 6 months believing my life was over. As luck would have it the death sentence became a life sentence when I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In spite of this news this BOSS was able to build technology companies becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, was a powerhouse sales person respected internationally, became a mom to an amazing daughter, traveled the world & had a life many can only dream about. From the outside looking in I was living the American dream even with MS. In 2001 I became legally disabled due to the effects of MS on my body.