Brittany  Chaffee

Brittany Chaffee

Brittany Chaffee is an author living happily in St. Paul, Minnesota. As an avid storyteller and professional empath, she likes to spend time enjoying great lighting, warm bread, and good company. She writes because she is curious about the world and writing helps her understand things a little better. For her, the scariest thing to discuss and decipher is the progression of time. Brittany's new book, "Borderline" gives us the space to come to peace with all the things we are afraid of. It offers a perspective on the physical and emotional progression of time through a collection of prose essays, while exploring the four vulnerabilities of movement: memory, time, change, and wonder. "Borderline" is a book for people who want to explore the playful, adventurous aspects of their childhood - the future, the past, and all of the things we don't normally talk about in line at Starbucks. It is a place to hold memories and wonder about the roundness of time that is a gift.