April  Walterscheid

April Walterscheid

April Walterscheid is a comedian and actor, and a magically captivating human being. She has studied and performed improv comedy since she was 7-years old. She’s in her 30s now so that 10,000 hour rule has clearly been surpassed. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona at Stevie Nicks Hospital and raised in Mesa, Arizona and grew up Catholic. She has such an optimistic view of life that she did not know Mesa was a meth-town until just recently. Her parents raised her to be aware of her surroundings and notice such things, so they were disappointed in her knowledge of the streets. April has seen people get struck by lightning in clear daylight on top of a mountain in Tucson and is now forever scared of that specific mountain. Her style of comedy is mostly pop culture. She does 40+ celebrity impressions on her own podcast Please Send Dick Pics. She has been in various films, TV shows, and comedy podcasts. She has performed stand-up comedy at the following venues: The Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Flapper’s Burbank, Tempe Improv, Stand-Up Live, House of Comedy, Stir Crazy Comedy Club, and Voodoo Comedy Theatre just to name a few. She performs all over her city and the United States of America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd0eyN0xqZY https://aprilwalterscheid.wixsite.com/index http://instagram.com/apriloneil