Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Ricardo Antonio Chavira is an American actor best known for his role as Carlos Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. Off-screen, Chavira has played a different supporting role as caregiver for his mother and sisters during their battles with breast cancer. When Chavira was a teenager, his mother Elizabeth Ries Chavira died of breast and ovarian cancer at age 43. During her struggle with breast cancer, Chavira and his sisters assumed the role of caregiver and supported their mother by cooking, buying groceries, balancing finances and paying bills. In late 2008, Chavira found himself in a similar role following the devastating news that two of his sisters had also been diagnosed with breast cancer. While his sisters have undergone treatment and are doing well, Chavira’s personal connection as a cancer caregiver has inspired his involvement in cancer advocacy and caregiver support initiatives. Given his personal connected and dedication to breast cancer advocacy, Chavira has partnered with The Wellness Community (TWC) to launch a new, innovative campaign to help educate people about the needs of cancer caregivers and provide much needed support. Made possible by a grant from The Breast Cancer Fund of National Philanthropic Trust, the C.A.R.E. (Cancer Advocate Resources and Education) Campaign for breast cancer caregivers provides free resources, tips and support for those caring for a loved one with breast cancer. (Photo: wellness comm chavira)