Richard  Smith

Richard Smith

Richard is a direct sales visionary. Over the past thirty years Richard has designed multiple compensation systems moving well over eight hundred million dollars of products, services, and consumer goods in nearly every country throughout the world. From his earliest years in the industry Richard's commitment to creating leveled value for each direct sales member is unparalleled. His tenacious battle to create clear, concise, achievable systems that benefit the individual striving to create a better standard of living for themselves and their loved ones, is the legacy of his career. He and a partner created the first publicly traded internet shopping service on the world wide web. Multiple successful individual careers were launched in a variety of emerging technology fields as a result of the experience with World Internet Marketplace. He has successfully launched four different companies with cumulative revenues of a billion dollars in sales. Richard is a highly sought after corporate executive, bringing his unparalleled ability to think outside the box, develop new concepts for market, and an unwavering commitment to create value. Richard is dedicated to fostering innovation in business and clearly sees the power of Internet Marketing and the currency that fuels it.