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9/22/2020 fudge-it-or-budget

Fudge-It or Budget

Shift Happens!
Everyone has to deal with their budget regardless of their life phase. And not many feel like they do it confidently. Whether it's finding ways to save more, or simply understanding your spending habits, we can all find ways to improve. Listen Now

6/23/2020 lessons-so-far-from-2020

Lessons so far From 2020

Shift Happens!
We are living in a historical time. Never before has the entire economy been shut down, small businesses having to close their doors, and citizens shut in their homes for weeks and months at a time. Listen Now

5/26/2020 investing-in-yourself-to-get-the-best-results

Investing in Yourself to Get the Best Results.

Shift Happens!
We are meant to grow. Success only comes from and through growth. How you can do a few things, simple yet powerful, that will get you the best returns. You can’t swim in an empty pool, yet many of us are drained. Listen Now