Kathy  Hadizadeh

Kathy Hadizadeh

Kathy Hadizadeh, MSC, PCC, EQAC is a former IT executive turned into a personal & professional development coach. She specifically supports people in transition and those who need courage and support to make a change in their path in life & career. Her venture from corporate into transformational coaching started when she experienced a life changing injury.This health challenge led her to PAUSE in a successful yet autopilot life and change directions. Kathy is certified with New Ventures West, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Santa Monica University, UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and Transformative Technology Academy. Her “Heart based Mindfulness” methodology helps clients to get clarity around their purpose and gather courage to make massive changes that brings them JOY. She lives with her husband and 2 kids near Venice beach, California where she enjoys writing, yoga at the beach, and dreaming about Caribbean sea turquoise water.