Katie  Walker

Katie Walker

Actress. Model. Speaker. ??Katie Walker grew up in Shreveport, LA and at an early age she began her love walk with Jesus Christ. She graduated from Louisiana State University in Kinesiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation. She has been an active participant and fundraiser with Major League Baseball during her husband’s twelve year MLB career including working with the Boston Redsox and Chicago Cubs. Katie has always had a love for acting. She is an avid actress and is drawn to projects that portray a purpose and message especially projects that equip and encourage the millennial generation. She has always had a love for acting and has completed and continues to study in acting methods and techniques. She was supporting lead in the poignant film, “8 Days” directed by Jaco Booyens and premiered across the United States and internationally fighting the crime of sex trafficking. Katie has also appeared in several television commercials and is often featured in stage plays. She recently completed