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Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley made her first video, “Educating Nina” in 1984. After her college graduation in ‘85, she went into video full time. She’s done about 650 videos since then. She’s won a lot of awards over the years, for both sexual and non-sexual performances. She started the educational series in ‘96 for Adam and Eve. Nina says, “For me, sex has been my vocation, my meal ticket, my path to happiness and self-understanding. It’s taken me all over the world: Germany, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. My interest in sex is unabated by all that I’ve had: I’m always interested in it: watching it, doing it, helping others do it better, listening to others have it, lending a helping hand (quick, more lube!). Since it is a body-based activity, the good that comes from it lasts and lasts and affects other parts of my life. There is always something to learn about oneself through sex, even less-than-satisfying sex.”She’s now a published author, as well. In 2006, Avery Press, a subsidiary of Penguin Group, published, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex.”