Myrrh  de Marmion

Myrrh de Marmion

Myrrh de Marmion is a Vibrational Alchemist and teacher who works with Sacred Sound and energy to experience deeper well-being. This work has had many expressions over the past 20 years: group Sacred Sound Immersions; live and ZOOM sound and energy workshops; women's healing retreats. Women’s empowerment is the focus of her new endeavor, Paradigm Alchemy-Invincible Wise Women. Through ZOOM workshops, private sessions, and deep dive retreats, these offerings focus on supporting women to resolve lingering self-esteem issues from adversity. Myrrh is finishing up an e-workbook, The Five Life Passages of Transformation: How to Embrace and Move Powerfully Through Challenges and Adversity, which draws upon her own journey through childhood trauma. The e-book will be available in June 2020 and is a companion to her women’s focused workshops. Myrrh currently lives outside of Asheville, NC