Ron and Johanna  Melchiore

Ron and Johanna Melchiore

Ron and Johanna Melchiore have spent their entire adult lives as off-grid homesteaders. As part of the back to the land movement of the late 1970’s, the couple have made self-reliance their life’s work, are devoted to the lifestyle, and are currently building their 3rd and final homestead in Nova Scotia, Canada. The couple blog for various sites including Mother Earth News and have been published in Backhome Magazine, Small Farmer’s Journal, and Countryside and Small Stock Journal. They also appeared in “Life Off Grid,” a documentary film and book about people living off-grid throughout Canada. Ron is the author of “Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness” and the couple recently co-wrote, “The Self-Sufficient Backyard: For the Independent Homesteader.” Learn more