William  Ginn

William Ginn

William J. Ginn is a business strategy consultant who has served in senior leadership positions in both non-profit organizations and businesses. During his tenure at The Nature Conservancy, Ginn served as Chief Conservation Officer and then Executive Vice President, founding NatureVest, a partnership with private investors that has brought over $200 million of investment into conservation projects worldwide. In 2014, he became Executive Vice President of TNC and, among other accomplishments, established a new program in India and founded NatureVest, a partnership with private investors that brings investment into global conservation projects. After leaving TNC in 2018, Ginn became a business strategy consultant. He serves on the Board of the Davey Tree Company, a $1 billion green industry service company, and works on projects for clients from Maine to India. His new book is Valuing Nature: A Handbook for Impact Investing.