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10/7/2020 whats-so-funny-the-future-of-humor-and-technology

What’s So Funny?!? The Future of Humor and Technology

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The buzz: “Over the centuries human beings have always loved to laugh. We can imagine jokes being shared by our cave dwelling ancestors about the two woolly mammoths. Today comedy is shared with vast audience by world-famous arena-filling comedians. Listen Now

7/27/2020 the-creative-spark-bringing-your-life-story-to-life

The Creative Spark: Bringing Your Life Story to Life

Read My Lips – Cool Conversations with Creatives
Producer/host akaRadioRed’s Cool Conversations with Creatives welcomes two very successful creatives. Novelist Jan Hurst’s autobiographical romantic drama story, His Sunrise My Sunset, inspired the 2019 movie, Sunrise in Heaven starring Corbin Bernsen. Listen Now