Donna  Ilicic, CEO

Donna Ilicic, CEO

Moved to San Diego in 1988 and quickly fell in love with the city and the huge visitor attraction. Started in the travel and hospitality industry in 1990 when she bought The Ultimate Dining Guide of San Diego. The guide was a great resource for locals and tourist alike, placed in over 450,000 hotel rooms, mailed to San Diego homes and placed for pick up at many local businesses. Continued on in 2000’s to work with a few other visitor publications, and finally landing at Synergy World beginning of 2007 where she helped launch the San Diego Restaurant Gift Card that is sold at Costco. Donna was instrumental in launching a number of program during her involvement with Synergy World. Then in 2020, Covid-19 hit and she quickly figured out that small businesses need help to stay in business. That’s when Moda Business Solutions came about. Moda Business Solutions is a collection of services that focuses on saving businesses money through lowering and even eliminating credit card fees, using trade to pay for services, connecting customers to the business, bringing customers in on demand and creating a better customer experience.