Jonathan  Littmann

Jonathan Littmann

Jonathan Littman is the co-author of The Entrepreneur’s Faces: How Makers, Visionaries and Outsiders Succeed. Available now on Amazon. Jonathan Littman’s bestselling books with IDEO have sold 750,000 copies worldwide and have been published in 20 languages. As an expert on innovation and entrepreneurism, he leads seminars and delivers keynotes on entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation worldwide. An adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco. Jonathan is the creator of, an online innovation hub that publishes case studies about entrepreneurship and innovation, and Start20X, an online tool to gauge the talents, capabilities of startups and growing enterprises. Johnathan is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Schoolab, an international incubator and consultancy, leading workshops and webinars, and executive courses on innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset.