Dr. Avideh  Sadaghiani-Tabrizi

Dr. Avideh Sadaghiani-Tabrizi

Dr. Avideh Sadaghiani-Tabrizi Is a doctor of management in organizational leadership with specialization in information systems and technologies, participating with other doctors to co-author chapters in The Refractive Thinkers’ book series, and other research endeavors relevant to her dissertation topic of information and cybersecurity. Her work for the State of New York’s Office of Information Technology Services, Chief Technology Office, as part of in Enterprise Monitoring as part of the New York State Office of Information Technology Services – Chief Technology Office to assist in monitoring enterprise systems’ vulnerabilities and continuity, analyzing intrusions and maintaining the security architecture, in the statewide operations. Prior to her current position, she worked for the Office of Information Technology Services. Additionally, I am a business owner in the Upstate New York region’s Saratoga County. Find her online at http://avidehst.wixsite.com/sunpioneer/contact.