Charlotte  Clark

Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark first realized she was gifted at age 11. Her gifts have continued to evolve and grow in different directions and to new depths each year. As do many children, she denied this “gift”. It seemed to scare others as she talked to them about her capability to feel what they were experiencing. She struggles to put a name on what she does. Clients have called her a divine healer, or said she had the “Jesus touch”, and yes…. even a witch!! she feels comfortable calling herself an ESOTERIC SURGEON! She knows we have ALL suffered thru pains in our lives, but the journey we take of transmuting these pains allows us to be whole again. So she decided to own her gift, as a transmuter of energy. She works together with clients to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, because as each of us feels better we live our life fully...the ripple effect of possibility is unimaginable.