Karen  Wright

Karen Wright

Once upon a time, Karen Wright completely lost all aspects of herself until the unexpected death of her18-year-old daughter awakened her to the fact that she herself had never truly lived. Her book, "Now or Never: Shine Baby Shine!" honors powerful and tender lessons from her daughter. Karen is now a passionate author, speaker, trainer, yoga instructor, and businesswoman who has built a thriving real estate career in the midst of her journey. Through self-development, fine-tuning meditation skills, and being carried by God, Karen walks her readers and clients through all of the inevitable turns, hills, and valleys of life’s unexpected journeys. Karen welcomes fellow-seekers to her upcoming Diamond Ignite Retreats: It's NOW or Never. Through Karen’s retreats she plans on helping thousands of women heal their deepest wounds, discover their highest selves, and passionately ignite the celestial flame that was never meant to be snuffed out. Follow Karen on :https://www. shinenowornever.com