Kimberly  Miner

Kimberly Miner

Kimberly Miner is a transformational speaker and consultant, and creator of the Envision You: The Transformation Starts Here and Own Your Purpose women’s summit. Having had a successful career in corporate sales, Kim launched her own company The Kimberly Miner Network where she empowers others in putting the pieces together in their lives. Her podcast The Kimberly Miner Podcast Your Best You reaches more than 9,000 listeners a week. Among other things, Kim has been featured in the media, is the author of Silence No More, was a guest Speaker at Own Your Own Body Summit and an International Speaker at the 2020 Impact Igniter Summit, on the C-Suite Network Thought Council Forum, and a Keynote Speaker at the Purpose & Passion Tour 2020. She is also a former ballet dancer and a lifelong athlete. She is passionate about transforming the lives of others through the power of resilience, buoyancy, and reflection. Find her at: