Gary  Berman

Gary Berman

Gary is the Creator of The Cyber Hero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe comic training series, Host of The Unsung Cyber Hero Adventures video podcast, Cybersecurity Reporter for Cyber Defense Magazine and CEO of Cyberman Security, LLC. Gary refers to himself as the “Forrest Gump” of cybersecurity because, until the last several years, he knew very little about technology and even less about cyber security, but everything about the devastating effects of being the CEO of a company that was victimized by a persistent series of insider attacks and forced to close. Gary has decided to pivot from being a victim to becoming an advocate to help keep others from suffering the life-altering consequences of being hacked. Like many of you, he has attended over 50 cybersecurity conferences to listen and learn and this year he was labeled an “Industry Analyst” by the Consumer Electronics Association. He has given speeches to many organizations including the DoD regarding their CMMC i